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You can search the contents of without joining by simply performing the search above. Here is how you perform a search:
  1. Notice below our logo in the upper left there is a series of GRAY TABS (Bar 1) starting with "This Week | Sermons . . ." and going all the way to the right ending with ". . . Stewardship | Scripture." Click on any of these gray tabs and then . . .

  2. Just below Bar 1 you will be given search methods in a DARK BLUE BAR (Bar 2). Sometimes in Bar 2 there will be two choices you have to make and sometimes only one choice. After making the choice(s) you will either be taken to the search results or you will be given one more bar:

  3. A BABY BLUE BAR (Bar 3). In Bar 3 you will be asked to set up a Scripture search, lectionary search, keyword (topical) search, or other search. The last thing to do in order to make the search happen is to click the "Search" or "Find" button in Bar 3. Finally your search results will appear here in this middle column.
Note: In this demo mode you will only be able to see an abbreviated version of the details of each resource. To see the entire sermon, illustration, children's sermon, PowerPoint, etc., you will have to join But this demo mode will give you an idea of the depth of resources offered.

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