The way that searches are performed is by using the three bars at the top of this screen. Below are examples of what they look like when they are fully engaged:

Sample Bar 1:
Search Bar 1
Sample Bar 2:
Search Bar 2
Sample Bar 3:
Search Bar 3

Start in Bar 1 (gray) by deciding what kind of resource you want to search: For the sake of this exercise let's perform a Sermons search. So, click "Sermons" in Bar 1 (do not click the sample bar, click the real Bar 1 at the top of this page under our logo).

Then in Bar 2 (dark blue) select or click on the Type of sermon: Sermons or Eulogies. Sermons will always be selected by default (note that it is red). Then move to the right in Bar 2 and select the Search Method: Scripture · Lectionary · Keyword · etc. For the sake of this tutorial click on "Scripture."

Now you are ready to move to Bar 3 (baby blue). When you selected "Scripture," Bar 3 displayed the Old Testament drop down menu and the New Testament drop down menu. Click on one of these two drop down menus and select a book of the Bible. There is also a box to indicate the chapter which requires that you type in the numerical number of the chapter (no versus please). Finally you will need to click the yellow "SEARCH" button to perform the search you have just successfully set up. Note: if you click SEARCH right now you will be taken away from this page and be sent into the membership area and this tutorial will end.

This is just one type of search. Notice in Bar 2 you can perform a search based on the Lectionary or a topic by clicking Keyword. There are a dozen ways to set up a search. Study the 3 Bars and you will soon become an expert at using the site. IN BRIEF: Bar 1 is what you are looking for. Bar 2 is how you are going to look for it. Bar 3 allows you to perform the search.

NATURE OF THE BARS: Bar 1 is static. It doesn't change. Bar 2 is dynamic and changes according to your selection in Bar 1. Bar 3 is dynamic and changes according to your selections in Bars 1 and 2.

REMEMBER: Concerning your browsers back arrows. DO NOT use the back arrow of your browser on, instead use the following two items:

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You will see the round blue circle and the red arrows once you get the hang of searching and get deeper into the site. Having said this, if at any point you want to go back to the "This Week" page you can simply click "This Week." It's the first item in Bar 1.

SHOW HINTS & TUTORIAL: Notice in the live version of Bar 2 at the very top there is the option "Show Hints" on the left and "Tutorial" on the left. The Hints will help you with individual items at the top of the site. The Tutorial will bring this page back up and give you an overview on how to navigate and perform searches.

You are now finished with the tutorial.
If you would like to open this Tutorial Page in its own window, click here.
You may either perform a search above or click the Back button below.

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