How To Use allows members to access a wide variety of resources to enrich your sermons and the worship services of your congregation.

  1. The first step in using is to become a member. Sign Up Here
  2. The next step is to Log In using your Username and Password. The Log In area is found in the upper right of this page or any other page of the site.
  3. Once you are logged into the site you can perform a search for resources using one of these methods:

    1. Keyword – simply type in a topic and click FIND.
    2. Scripture – Search by Book of the Bible. Results are returned by chapter of the Bible.
    3. Lectionary – Search by Lectionary Cycle: Year, A, B or C, of the Revised Common Lectionary, Episcopal, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran Lectionaries. All Lectionary traditions are included in the site.
    4. Other – There are other search methods based on seasonal resources, author, sermon series, and more.

  4. Each of the search methods above will return a list of results. The results will be determined by the category of resource you have chosen: Sermons, Illustrations, Children’s Sermons, PowerPoint Slides, etc.
  5. Let’s assume you have done a Sermon search for John 3. In order to view one of the sermons in the list, you simply click on one of the sermon titles and the site will display a page with that specific sermon. You can then click on the Printer Friendly Version button to print it or copy it and paste it in Microsoft Word; it will then be ready for you to edit.

If you would like us to sign you up and walk you through the site give us a call at 1-800-777-7731. A live person will answer (you will speak to the owners and editors of the site - we do not use telemarketers) and perform the signup process for you and then show you how to use the site.

Again the Number is: 1-800-777-7731

If you chose to sign up yourself click on the button below. You will get immediate access.

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