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Pastoral Resources

Stewardship Campaign Stewardship Campaign:
Built from years of coaching hundreds of churches, our reliable biblically based approach will help you stabilize, maintain, and grow your giving throughout the year. A church's vision is first realized through stewardship. Activate Your Vision with us!
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Capital Campaign Capital Campaign:
We can help you implement a strategically designed campaign to fund your vision. Whether its new construction, renovations, missions projects, debt, or even a combination of several projects, Our team provides energetic leadership and strategic direction. Our strategies will Focus Your Vision.
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Church Loan Church Loan:
We are Church loan experts. We have a number of different church loan programs to help your ministry meet its objectives quickly and easily. If your need is $500,000 or $10,000,000 we can help you find the financing needed. Let us help you Fund Your Vision.
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Church Construction Church Construction Company:
We build churches. It's what we have always done. And we work closely with owners and architects involved in each project to create space for the growing needs of your congregation. From new constructions, expansion of existing churches, or renovations our team will Build Your Vision.
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Church Logo Church Logo:
Need a new logo or your old one refreshed? We can help. Our team of designers work only on church media, so we know your needs. Your church's logo communicates who you are. We'll make that first impression a positive one with a brilliant logo. The right logo Highlights Your Vision.
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Church Website Church Website:
Are you in the market to develop or re-develop your church's website but don't know where to begin? Do you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options, all the different strategies, graphic artists, salespeople, and web programmers. We are specialist in the Christian Market and we can help.
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Church Audio-Visual Installation Church Audio-Visual Installation:
If your church suffers from poor audio or visual, if your church needs better technology and interior development let us demonstrate how the proper audio and visual design will enhance your worship experience. Our engineers and designers show you just how good your worship experience can be. Our technical expertise will help you Broadcast Your Vision.
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