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Our Bulletin Aids help you prepare the weekly Church Bulletin. If your worship services include responsive readings, short prayers before the offertory (called collects), and would appreciate suggestions on prayers and hymns this level will help. All readings of the lectionary are covered so you will never be at a loss for help.
Our Bulletin Aids help you prepare the weekly Church Bulletin. All readings are covered.

Gospel Text – John 6:25-35

Call To Worship

Leader: Praise the Lord, my soul! Praise his holy name!
People: Praise the Lord, my soul, and remember how kind he is.
Leader: He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.
People: He blesses me with love and mercy. He fills my life with good things.
All: Praise the Lord, all his creatures. Praise the Lord!

O Lord, we gather to thank you for the many ways in which you have blessed us. We thank you for parents who labor to build strong character in their children; for teachers who are more concerned about the development of the children they teach than they are about test grades; for doctors and nurses who minister to the needs of their patients without regard for the accumulation of wealth; and for all your servants who do your will in providing for the welfare of all of us. Thanks be to you, O God. Amen.

Prayer Of Confession
O God, forgive us when we look upon our blessings as something owed to us and when we become resentful if we do not have as much as our neighbors. Remove from us all selfish desires. May we always recognize that you are the giver of every good and perfect gift and you have blessed us far beyond anything we deserve. Amen.

Offertory Prayer
Heavenly Father, out of our deep concern for those who are without food, we bring these gifts to be used to feed the hungry. May we never lose sight of the need also to help them find the Bread of Life in Christ Jesus. Amen.

"Come, Ye Thankful People, Come"
"Now Thank We All Our God"
"We Gather Together"

Epistle Text – Hebrews 12:18-29

Call To Worship

Leader: Let us be thankful, because we receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken.
People: Let us be grateful and worship God in a way that will please him.
All: We will worship God with awe and reverence.

Creator God, we come before you with awe as we consider your creation. We look at our own lives and remember that you have made us in your own image. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and thanksgiving as we come into your presence. Speak to us in this hour that we may go from this place prepared to be your witness in word and deed. This we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Prayer Of Confession

We come before you, O God, in deep humility. We have refused to listen when you have spoken, and when we have heard your commands, we have often ignored them. Forgive us, Father, and through your Holy Spirit enable us not only to listen but to carry out your will as well. Amen.

Offertory Prayer
Lord, we know that you do not require burnt offerings or animal sacrifices, so we bring these our gifts as tokens of our commitment to you and the building of your kingdom. Amen.

"Open My Eyes, That I May See"
"Take Time To Be Holy"
"The Voice Of God Is Calling"

Old Testament Text – Jeremiah 1:4-10

Call to Worship
Pastor: God has called many people to speak on his behalf. But fear becomes an excuse not to speak.
People: We all have a certain amount of fear, both of the words God gives us to speak, and of the people who do not want to hear those words.
Pastor: God calls his church in each generation to speak on his behalf. But with that call he gives encouragement, just as he did to Jeremiah!
People: We are his church. Inadequate as we feel, may God use us to speak his message to our world.

Great God our Father, who calls your church in each generation to speak your word: Remove our fears that place words of excuse on our lips, and give us your word for our world, that we may interpret with clarity your message that will save our world, through Christ. Amen.

Prayer of Confession
We live in a society that needs to hear your word, Father, and we know that word has been given to your church to proclaim. We have been hesitant, indifferent, and disobedient in speaking your word because we are afraid. Forgive us for our silence that has contributed to the sinfulness of society. Strengthen us by your Spirit to speak your message convincingly, that many may turn in repentance. We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

"Heralds of Christ”
“I Love to Tell the Story”
“Lord, Speak to Me That I May Speak”
“We've a Story to Tell to the Nations”
“Ye Servants of God"

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